Dark Pasts captures content relating to Dr Andy Flack’s AHRC  Leadership Fellowship, ‘Dark-dwellers as more-than-human misfits’, and his wider book project relating to animal and environmental histories of the darkness, from the rhythmic darkness of the night to the total darknesses of the deep underground and in the deep ocean. Dark pasts are not only histories framed by stories of diverse bodies, technologies, senses, and adaptations.  They’re also stories about the secrets of the dark in a rapidly changing planet, the transformation of the night, and the urgency of considering the darkness in the context of anthropogenic climate change and biodiversity depletion.

Dr Andy Flack is Senior Lecturer in Modern and Environmental History at the University of Bristol. More information about Andy and his scholarship can be found here

Dr Alice Would is Research Associate on the AHRC Leadership Fellowship, ‘Dark-dwellers as more-than-human misfits’ project. More information about Alice and her research can be found here.